Just out , a walkin ma pig..

June has been a bonkers month here at Grobdale, the build started up again after the lock down precautions, turning our tranquil quiet space back into a drilling and banging cacophony ..

kinda missed our building gang actually, but had forgotten how much noise they can make.

CROFT PORCH 1The man of the house hadn’t been sat around idle either and an oak frame porch at the front of The croft soon began to take shape.


The entrance is starting to look amazing, we have such a clever kilted wonder.. ( kilt only  available for viewings in the hot weather).

We had a few new arrivals in June, first off POLLYwas Polly a beautiful Trakehner  (horse )came to Grobdale as a grass livery . 

A friend we made earlier in the year contacted us to see if we could house another horse…like we are going to say no !!

Polly arrived one blustery lunchtime and immediately settled in, her and Lotte have become quite an item and its lovely to watch them grooming each other.

Bliss when you have a buddy to scratch the bit on your back you cant reach …Thanks Dee for trusting us she’s gorgeous x 


But not just one more addition to the family we had a few thousand arrive kind of middle of the month !… bees to be more precise.

I went on a course a few years ago at the IMG_2853advice of my lovely friend Paula ( who clearly knows what I need to do more than I do); and got a little insight into what was needed to keep bees, just in case in the future ….we had the opportunity .Well who knew huh , roll it forward a few years and we buy a farm and meet Gary Cook..

All of a sudden I’m shopping for a new outfit and more cedar than a girl would normally want ..

The days the bees arrived was quite exciting in a low key kind of relaxed way, unpacking them and settling them into the new cedar hive was Gary’s job I’m watching mostly and handing stuff over.. looking forward to seeing how this progresses.


What you can’t see from the above photos is how hot it was , the bees love it , but we were feeling the need for a dip ,

so of course you take the pig too , Nora loves a wander out , and a dip in the river was just what she needed.



Love making our pig happy ..


Porch Number two is taking shape, and slates are on order to complete them can’t wait to see what they look like ..



The cottages are coming on now and its the final push to get them completed.


First fit electrics and plumbing is almost done , internal walls , insulation, plasterboard and in two of the three the plastering is done ! Here’s a wee little filmy thing to see whats occurring..

As you can see , the windows and doors are all now in place along with the larch cladding. The building team are doing amazingly well coping with the bonkers extremes in weather along with social distancing measures.

( not too bad when you have three buildings , everyone can almost have a cottage to themselves)



End of the month brought us ducklings , finally one of the nests ( we have or had 4  sets of mums sat patiently waiting for babies to hatch !!) came good and Lauren noticed that…

two ducks sat on eggs inside the chicken house had tweeting bums 🙂 

Ginger the best colour ever..

June is the best month as far as our favourite ginger   is concerned as it means all her favourite things .. Cake , friends , presents and chocolate . img_2110

We always celebrate a birthday and it generally lasts more than a day, shame the cake didn’t last as long .

A surprise visit from our besties also went down a treat too.. we love you guys.






June 13th was  Nora’s due date , and we had planned for Andy to be home for the early days , we couldn’t have planned it better as he had only been home maybe  an hour when Noraimg_4137 went into labour !

We camped out in lambing shed to be rewarded in the early hours with the birth of

9 healthy happy piglets ..



As first timers we were quite nervous , there was so much that could go wrong however Nora was a true  textbook    pig and did everything according to what we had read .

Thanks Google

 Nora has turned out to be a fabulous mum looking after her litter .. we clearly brought her up well .

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Dry January my arse !or Bats in the Dairy ?



  January it seems is supposed to be when you stop eating and drinking  .. kind of detoxing.. well pish to that !

In this house we are still guzzling the Christmas leftovers, the animals get the leftover leftovers and so, nobody is doing without really 236c3600-de1d-4003-ad9f-f09ec776b4d5.

kind of keeps them happy anyway as we move them about.. We seem to be  doing a lot of that this month !

The pigs were first, their pen really was looking a bit bare , and they love to forage; they had even been breaking out every now and then so it was time to move them to pastures new.74489cf4-88eb-46f9-8273-cd1f6bfa2c23

When we arrived at Grobdale we inherited a pigloo in one of the smaller paddocks , it seemed the perfect time to give its proper tenants and evict the ram a8cac386-d6db-4e6b-a319-2fc3ee001a83lambs Henry and Harry , give them a grassier patch and move the bulldozers in ! Here’s the video Of us moving the lovelies . 

How happy are they ..

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Balls and determination!

October started off well with a new addition 1D77DC89-E445-4356-B751-63B43A12EA64to the livestock .. a good friend Jean had a pony that needed a home, so I couldn’t say no and when we met Gemma pony a  section A (tiny hardy sturdy little unit ) she seemed just the thing to keep Lotte company  … just got to get them used to each other and avoid the kicks !

so we are now a farm with 17 ducks, 16 sheep, 10 chickens , 5 pigs , 2 ponies and a dog !

I think that classes as a Farm now not a small holding ?

Ribs were healing well so my thoughts turned to A66F32B1-3375-42FE-8EAA-15050B55D88C
getting back on Lotte , maybe not for anything too speedy but it was frustrating not being able to get out in the lovely autumn sunshine .

Body armour was my weapon of choice and I think it’s pretty sexy huh .. am hoping it will remind me to ride better and stay on !

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September the cliche !


How many September blogs,vlogs, diary posts or novels state this month to be when leaves change colour and temperatures drop ?…well Poo to that I hate to be a cliche, 662DB633-80E6-48B5-BE93-7A078CFBC14Ebut I’m doing it too, there’s an avenue of Beech trees, on my route to most of everything that is stunning at all the spokes of the leaf colour wheel and right now it’s on the turn. There will be more photos as it transforms

I see cars stop all the time to capture the lovely canopy and it regularly stops me in my tracks ..

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Heaving a sigh of relief ..



July ended in a downpour and a brilliant lightening storm that we soooo needed , the ground steamed, soaking up all that lovely rain and visibly heaved a huge sigh of relief.. The husband on the other hand got home one Friday night to find we’d ECDD139B-E3CF-4F84-B67F-2AA9C8DAA8C9actually finally run out of water just as the rain started ,so a man needs a shower .. what does he do ? You guessed it ,he showered naked in the rain ..

I so wish I had a naked husband shower photo to post here .

The rain didn’t last long though and within a few days we had our summer back .

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Cute enough to eat ?

Spring arrives in  March thank goodness…. though

someone should really tell the weather ! Cos it clearly thinks it’s still Winter ..

The cold doesn’t stop lambing tho and on our daily check round the fields me and Lauren spotted our first Grobdale lamb for 2018 .. so cute . On our way back down , 9F30E354-E35B-4EDA-8403-7B1E7D7E57BAwe spotted another sheep up on the top , separated from the main flock , a tell tale sign she’s about to lamb so we took the kubota up to check her out . The lamb was coming so we hung on to watch , but it all seemed to be at taking a bit too long and 92247B63-D435-446E-BA43-49AE03F9A2D6she wasn’t going to let me get near and without a dog or a crook (or any sheep wrangling skills for that matter)  so we bombed back to the house and rang a man with a dog . Within the hour he had her caught,birthed , and  shown us how to tube feed the lamb . Mum and baby claimed the first stall in lambing shed and by bedtime the lamb was suckling as he should..

(this is us heading back out to the main flock next day)

A lovely bit of drama to kickstart lambing season .

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