Husbands Love Laryngitis !




When I get a cold , its rare, I’m pretty bomb proof usually, however when the snot strikes it usually affects my speech and this ,my hubster LOVES I’m sure you can guess why..

So to alleviate his pain I’ll carry on and type instead,  keeping my online diary otherwise known as the Grobdale blog and this would be August.

Funny how you get a cold when its gorgeous outside , this was the day the tractors came to make hay at the farm . .Very exciting and inspired a husband I know, to start buying machinery as if he needed any encouragement !

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Independence day



The whole process of finding our farm has stangely coincided with key dates , and so moving in had to be on Independance day of course . This is Lauren independently making toast for Ali ( rare in a teenager I know).

The 4th of july dawned and I was walking around an empty farmhouse working out in my mind where all our belongings were going to fit in .. Then ABCO arrived our removal company ! a force to be reckoned with no less ..

Oh, but then my sister Amy arrived,  and actually she’s way more in charge , her incredible interior design skills and energy came in very handy here .

As I directed boxes and furniture to rooms (lots of pointing and insisting it would fit) she started unpacking and putting rooms to work.. So by the time that all the trucks had been emptied ,Amelia wilson interiors  had unpacked organised and styled the kitchen,both living rooms a conservatory and was working her way upstairs !

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Wellies make you brave



The welly wearing brave thing 

I had a card sent to me once that had a picture of some comfy looking Wellington boots and a caption ” wellies make you brave” it’s true , and I hope the amount of boots we own must make us warriors.. it’s not bravery that anyone needs ,the thing is , is to have a plan.

This is me and Nora having a chat , I’m wearing my favourite wellies  I know ,I have my name on my boots, I held back for years but when I finally gave in I never looked back they are the comfiest boots in the world and so it seems I’ll never lose them

And yes they make me brave.

I’ve decided to keep a blog , like a diary only it’s not exactly private .. the reason for this need to publish is to share our big idea in the hope of inspiring others to wear wellies , come up with a life plan and get brave ..

Anyway the plan ! It was either brave or stupid we think it was just a sensible logical move to improve our family life . Family life had become work work school work school shopping work washing work you know how it goes , then factor in some Autism, and it’s all not looking so rosy.

So our  evil and cunning plan was to put all our finances into a new home up in Scotland where all our R&R took place . A home where we could all live and work together so business ideas began to form and collect ( in a file) . The main theme was that it needed to be something all of us could be involved with and therefore improve our family life. Also because our daughter Lauren has learning differences ( yes differences not difficulties)and is on the Autisitc spectrum we needed to think about involving her at every stage with a view to her potentially living and working as independently as possible sometime in the future.

As any parent knows with a less than neurotypical child we don’t know how much support they are going to need ,when we are less able, or around for them so future proofing is a necessity..The plans grew, evolved and resulted in a brief for a handful of estate agents to find us a  –

“Three bedroomed period farmhouse with a minimum of 30 acres and as many outbuildings ideally period as possible. The land ideally was to be mixed pasture and woodland .”

The plan was to utilise the buildings and land to bring in a lifestyle and small income  ,enough to live on and prepare Lauren for a working independent life, reduce Andys blood pressure and keep me in my wellies for as much as the day as possible .

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