My Family and other animals

July  brought gorgeous hot weather, a party and  tons of friends and family to Grobdale  the party preparations had been ongoing since about February ! ANDY AIR GUITARAndy my super hubster had built a stage, got the parachute and glitter ball up , lights strung , booze bought and cake sorted !

Not bad for a man

( well trained I say ) ..

leaving not much else for us girls to do really 🙂 (I wish this photo was clearer but hey )

The shin dig would never have been as smooth if we hadn’t had the 3 degrees ‘pinnied ‘up and slapping us all into action , that would be Ali , Wendy and Amy 3 GIRLIES

Love the pinnies this year

(courtesy of Fleet Valley Embroidery thanks susan).


Final shout out goes to Wendy and Kulwant for making the MOST AMAZING cake .. and everyone that got their buts up here and “shook they’re thang ”


The weekend ended with a bacon butty and a wild swim in the loch for most , and hopefully the promise of a return visit soon ..

Just need an excuse for a Grobfest 3


Party over and farming life resumed pretty quick , (if it ever stopped).

The pigs were growing at an amazing rate .

Their birth weights were about 1-1.2kg and after 5 weeks they had increased more than 10 fold to 12 kg each !!


Nora was proving to be a pretty good momma.

After the party we found we had an extra family member for the week, Alex had just


finished mammoth A levels and needed a bit of R&R so we delivered I think.. Grobdale eased Alex’s stress and in return we got an ace farm hand for the week, she fed , watered , charmed Alisons sheep , fixed electric fence , cleared weeds moved pigs , and tons more …

Alex you rock

EGGSSo we had baby sheep , baby pigs , baby ducks and a present for my birthday of 2 dozen guinea fowl eggs and the loan of an incubator

( mine just boiled eggs .. not good)

so MORE babies  on the way .

Babies are not that keen on parties but it seems everyone here is ! ( not me again ) Most of the towns here in D&G  run various events TORCHLIGHT 2throughout the year , Gala weeks , civic days , food , arts and  book festivals to name a few . If you get  organised you can be entertained TORCHLIGHT 1pretty much all year round for free by someone somewhere here ! Gala week   in Gatehouse of fleet is amazing , its usually the last week of July and we’ve enjoyed lots of the activities each year .

The torchlight procession followed by fireworks and hotdogs in Garries park was awesome..

ROM 1The finale was the Riding of the marches ,

We have watched quite a few ridings over the years and I’ve secretly always wanted to be part of the tradition.


Having only got Lotte last summer this was my first opportunity and I was a little nervous ! my little pony was a bit jumpy to start with but the

Grobdale team put their brave pants ( and tweed) on

and  got with the project or rather Lotte did , I just held on for the ride !


She was like a little steam train ,

there was not much keeping her back and it took all my superpowers to keep us out of the lead group .

So a really full on month as ever , and the best bit , well I couldn’t say but sitting drinking tea with my bestie was pretty ace cant wait for you to be back up here steph xx


Bring on the Star bars .

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